Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This wasn't all my idea

My buddy who convinced me to play sent this reaction to my fantasy season. I think it's pretty good.

Bill --
I feel somewhat responsible for getting you started on something that you will probably do for the next 30 years. As I have also said before ... you are enjoying a pretty special year so you better enjoy it (I know you are). I mean look how busts, injuries and surprise performers have altered other teams rosters. You have had the luxury of avoiding any substantial injuries and a little luck dealing S-Jax a week before he ruined his season ... had that not happened not even Tommy Brady coulda saved your season. I mean look at my team, I consider myself a Fantasy vet and have won my share of leagues. While I am still doing well ... (tied for second @ 7-2) my success has come much harder than yours. My #1 pick has been nothing short of a bust (Gore), but even during the draft I wasn't comfortable drafting in that slot .. I knew LT and S-jax would be gone (they were), I wanted Addai, Parker, and even Rudi Johnson (has been a model of consistency until this year) but at # 3 it was too high to pick them. So I take Gore ... and while its not his fault his QB and O-line are trash, it hasn't worked out. So back to the draft ... my other RB's were T. Bell and B. Jackson whom aren't on my team and don't even start (I know, these look like bad picks but before the year they were projected starters), I thought I had a steal when I drafted LJ Smith in the 8th round and his season stats look like this: 7 catches for 68 yards .. FOR THE SEASON!! Again no longer on my team .. Wait im not done, I drafted Carolina's defense because I though well, Peppers is a lock for 12 sacks and they have been a good D for years ... well they have given up 340 yards a game and Peppers ... he has 1.5 sacks through 8 games. So were am I going with this ... well currently I have 7 of the 15 players I drafted on my team and yet I am still 7-2. How?? Lets see ... after a huge week 1 I traded C. Brown for B. Jacobs (who was hurt) .. since Browns huge week 1 he has not topped 38 yrds rushing in any single game and Mr. Jacobs, well he has been elected as the offensive player of the month for October with 3 100 yard rushing games. Thanks. And what did I do about that defense .. well I picked up Tennessee in week 3 and they have been HUGE for me and currently are the 4th rated fantasy D this yr. Also my draft wasn't an entire waste of time ... the main reason why I am doing well has to be attributed to my eye for talented receivers. I drafted B. Edwards in round 4 and S. Holmes in Round 6. Currently, they are ranked # 3 and # 10 out off all the receivers in the league and by the way I also have T. Holt whom is having an off year but has still been very productive. What does all of this mean .. Well this is what makes fantasy football so fun. Most peoples fantasy seasons sound a lot like mine ... constantly adding and dropping players, proposing trades, and scowering the waiver wire for sleepers. As opposed to Bill's fantasy "season of dreams", in which he can sit back and watch T. Brady torch defenses, T.O and W. Welker catch TDs and J. Addai do raw every game. Were does this bring us .. well me and Mr. Hudnutt have a match up in week 11 and I am assuming he will still be undefeated at 10-0 (providing he gets past T. Brady's bye week) and I am hoping that I will have moved to 8-2 and will be in 2nd place by myself. This will be a battle of two very different teams .. Bill's team .. very little adversity and a Golden Boy QB ... My team ... battle tested, having gone threw numerous injuries and busts, but a battle it will be. Bill, I wish you luck in your week 10 match up and even if I lose to you in week 11, it will be ok, as my goal is to get that # 2 playoff seed and a first round bye. So again I will say to you, enjoy this season and recognize that it may be the easiest you ever participate in.


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Anonymous said...

You don't even have to reveal that this friend's name is Craig, the grammatical errors themselves tell the tale, but my question... how did he manage to compose an entire letter without one single profanity laced tirade? Respectable. to say the least.