Thursday, November 8, 2007

The picks I made and why I made them

Seeing as though there isn’t anything on with my fantasy team at this point in the week, I have decided to take a look at my draft, and re-evaulate how I did. Somehow, I’m in first place.

ROUND 1 (2ND OVERALL PICK): RB Steven Jackson
When I learned I was receiving the second pick, I was overjoyed. I knew Ladainian Tomlinson would be gone, so without a though I was going to go with Steven Jackson. He led the NFL in total yards last year, and was expected perform at a higher level this year. Well after 3 weeks of practically zero production, I traded Steven Jackson and Joe Jurevicius for Joseph Addai, and I have been reaping the benefits ever since. Jackson has been riddled with injuries, and although Jurevicius is invaluable for the Browns, he is pretty much useless for fantasy purposes. Meanwhile, Addai is tearing it up, and is a huge reason I am undefeated.

ROUND 2 (27): QB Tom Brady
I believe I have covered this subject at length. Looking back on things, isn’t it amazing 26 players were chosen in front of him? Players such as Cedric Benson, Clinton Portis, and Rudi Johnson? Although RBs are valued much higher, and nobody could’ve possibly predicted the season Brady is having, it is funny that somebody would draft a bum such as Cedric Benson over a guy dating Gisele. By the way did anybody know she had a twin sister? By the way, Tiger Woods’ wife also has a twin sister. Apparently supermodel twins aren’t bred in Lorain County. Except for those triplets posing for Playboy, but I’m pretty sure nobody has actually met them.

ROUND 3 (30): WR Terrell Owens
I was happy to have Terrell Owens as my first WR drafted, who has consistently put up superstar numbers for the past 5-7 years. He’s a great person to have on a team, unless, of course, you actually have to talk to him, be around him, or interact with him in any walk of life.

ROUND 4 (55): RB Julius Jones
Well I passed on Marion Barber III here, who has 22 TDs in his last 22 games. Julius Jones sucks, and I am going to chalk up this god-awful pick to being a fantasy football rookie. A new rule I will personally adopt: never draft anyone from Notre Dame. I traded him away earlier in the year to my buddy Craig, who also was not very thrilled to take him off my hands, but needed depth at RB.

ROUND 5 (58): WR Calvin Johnson
Johnson is still on my team, but with only 3 total TDs, he hasn’t performed up to my expectations. I bought into all the hype of Johnson being an athletic freak (which he is), but I thought he would be utilized more in Detroit’s offense, and put up huge numbers. No doubt I took him too high, but I continue to start him based on his potential alone.

ROUND 6 (83): QB Philip Rivers
I thought Rivers would be a good backup QB, and I thought 83rd overall wouldn’t be a bad place to take him. However, I ended up trading him away to a college buddy Tex, along with Michael Turner, LT’s backup. Rivers has been the model of inconsistency this year, and I’m not missing him.

ROUND 7 (86): Miami’s Defense
Talk about your bad picks. I thought Miami would be a solid D like they have been for the past two years. They rank among the league’s worst defenses, and it is picks like these that make fantasy football so fun. You never know how players/teams are going to perform year to year, and you’re left scurrying the waiver wire for replacements and absolute suprises to make your team complete.

ROUND 8 (111): TE Jason Witten
He was a steal this late in the draft. He is a top three fantasy tight end this year, and I am constantly being bothered by other teams in the league with absurd trade requests. I’ve become proud of myself for this pick, and it gets even more intense with Wes Welker, who I will get to momentarily.

ROUND 9 (114): WR Wes Welker
Wes Welker. Wes Welker. Just the sound of his name makes me feel proud. If you thought I was proud of the Witten pick, I am exponentially more proud of this one. I liken this pick to the movie She’s All That. Freddie Prinze Jr. discovers Rachel Leigh Cook as the dorky art student and turns her into a complete knockout. I guess this really isn’t like that movie, seeing as though he transforms her as a result of a bet. But you see what I’m saying. I feel like I turned this dud into a stud, and I was the only one who saw it coming. He is the pride and joy of my team, even more so than Tom Brady. He is my best performing WR, and it’s like watching my son grow right before my eyes. Except he’s two years older than me, I’ve never met him, and I have nothing to do with his development. Whatever.

ROUND 10 (139): RB Michael Turner
Although talented enough to be a feature back on more than half of the NFL teams, he’s behind arguably the best RB of our time in LT. I picked him primarily as trade bait to LT’s owner, which is precisely what happened. I ended up trading Turner and Philip Rivers for Jamal Lewis.

ROUND 11 (142): TE Eric Johnson
I drafted him because my uncle told me he was a fantasy sleeper this year, and he was going to have a breakout season. He’s gone. Eric Johnson, not my uncle.

ROUND 12 (167): K Stephen Gostkowski
I picked him because I figued the Patriots would score tons of points. They have been, so solid pick here. However, he doesn’t get a lot of field goal opportunities.

ROUND 13 (170): WR Devin Hester
The Bears said in 2007 they would feature the league’s most explosive player, Devin Hester, in their offense. They failed to explain it would be roughly once a game, if that. Needless to say, I dropped him almost immediately, even though he has scored a handful of points on special teams.

ROUND 14 (195): K Mike Nugent
Why I drafted two kickers I’ll never know. Dropped him very early in the year. Maybe I only drafted him because he’s a Buckeye great.

ROUND 15 (198): Cleveland’s Defense
I actually thought they would be a solid unit this year. Clearly they aren’t. I also think the gulit of not drafting on member of the Browns got to me, so I took them as my own personal Mr. Irrelevant.

Looking at who I drafted, and looking at my current roster, only 6 players I drafted are currently on my team. This shows all the wheeling and dealing that goes on day to day in the world of fantasy football. After my draft I thought it was worthy of an A+ grade, but now I would say it is probably closer to a C.

I’ll be getting back to you guys later in the week, and I am becoming increasingly more nervous about Week 10, as documented in my last post. Talk to you later.

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