Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Can Damon Huard take the handoff? We'll see

After absolutely annihlating my Week 9 opponent 145.2-55.04, the time has come for Tom Brady to take a week off. The Patriots have their bye week on Sunday, meaning I have to sit my All-Universe QB, along with my diamond in the rough WR Wes Welker. We all know that Tom Brady is having a historic season, and although I expected Welker to have a solid year, but I did not expect him to be my highest performing receiver. I especially root for him for some reason, like he’s the little guy who is finally getting it done. He’s like Pacman’s Defense Team’s Rudy. Except no movies will be made about him. But they are both undersized and white, that much they do have that in common. So much to my chagrin, I have to go into battle with my two of my top three performers on the bench.

Who will they be replaced with? Well I picked up Nate Washington off the waiver wire, who just had two TDs last night, he’ll be taking Welker’s place at WR. None other than Damon Huard will take the Golden Boy’s (my buddy Craig’s pet name for Tom Brady) in my starting lineup as my QB. DAMON HUARD? First of all he doesn’t even belong in the same sentence with Tom Brady, let alone carry the torch this Sunday for my fantasy team’s pursuit of an undefeated season (which isn’t as rare as I previously thought, but still uncommon nonetheless).

So why am I so nervous about starting Damon Huard? He performed well enough in Trent Green’s absence last year to convince Kansas City’s front office to release Green, and he has put up numbers that are good enough to keep his team in a position to potentially grab a wild card spot in the AFC. That should be enough to give myself piece of mind, right? WRONG. The sole reason my stomach is in knots this week is because of HBO’s mini-series Hard Knocks, which documented the Kansas City Chief’s training camp, and the QB controversy that was at the center of it all.

Huard and their QB of the future, Brody Croyle, battled the entire camp to see who would be starting this year. Let’s just say Huard didn’t win the job, but Croyle plain out lost it. Brody Croyle looked like he would be better suited to be on MTV’s The Hills hanging out with Brody Jenner than he would be leading an NFL team for a living. He stunk, and he stunk bad. On the other hand, Huard stunk too. They both were so bad coach Herman Edwards contemplated for weeks which bad QB was going to drive his team to the bottom of the AFC West. He ultimately chose Huard, who has done an admirable job keeping the Chiefs in the thick of things.

Well guess what? I find no soalce in that. Tom Brady is terrorizing the other 13 teams in the league, and now I have to step to the plate with Damon Huard? A guy who barely won the job from some loser kid, whose name sounds like one of a surf bum? It is official I hate bye weeks, but I will just look at this as an opportunity to see how good of a GM I really am. Actually that is the only excuse I can think of that doesn’t make me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Here’s a few of my roster notes:

It is Steeler week, and I regret to inform you that I will be starting not one, but two Steelers for Week 10. Nate Washington, as I mentioned before will be taking Wes Welkers spot, and Jeff Reed will be starting in place of my regular kicker, Stephen Gostkowski. I just want everyone to know that I will be rooting for the Browns in all facets of the game, and if it means my team has to take a loss to continue the Browns’ season of dreams, then so be it.

But it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if the two Steelers on my team scored me some points, but the Browns still beat them, right?

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