Friday, November 16, 2007

No longer undefeated, but still in first place

Well, my quest for an undefeated season unceremoniously ended Monday night, when the fantasy football week officially ended, and I lost 72.84-66.82. Yes, I lost by about six points but that's not too bad when you take into consideration what happened with my team:

• Not only did Damon Huard underperform, he actually produced NEGATIVE POINTS. He accumulated -2.68 points and was yanked for Brodie Croyle. Sure I didn’t expect him to light the world on fire, but to actually score in the negatives? Here’s a way to look at it. I’m a kid, and I want a Transformer for Christmas. I know Transformers are hard to come by, so I’d very much welcome a Go-Bot. But instead of a Go-Bot your parents get you one of those sticks with a cup on top and a ball on a string attached to it. I wanted Damon Huard to at least to be a Go-Bot. Clearly he wasn’t. He was the stick with a cup.

• Joseph Addai didn’t score for the first time since I have traded for him. I shouldn’t have to rely on a running back to score every week, but I’ve become accustomed to it, so it’s surprising when it doesn’t happen.

• Jamal Lewis disappeared against the Steelers. I was ecstatic when he scored, but then it was called back for holding. He is a very aggravating and inconsistent fantasy player. He runs for over 200 with a TD one game, nothing the next. Then he racks up 4 TDs vs. Seattle, then he is ineffective the next time he steps on the field. He is like that girl you know who can either look really good or really bad, with no in between.

• Jason Witten, who has been wonderful for Pacman’s Defense Team this year, only scored 1.2 points. I can’t really fault him for this, because any production he gives over average is bonus.

• “Super freak athlete rookie” Calvin Johnson continues to do nothing on the field, getting just 37 yards. He’s the girl you hang onto because she’s very good looking, but dumb as a rock. He looks good on paper, like the girl looks good in pictures.

Although all of that happened, I still only lost by six points. Sure Terrell Ownes had a monster day, but that isn’t completely out of the ordinary. So if I would’ve just had a smidgen more of production from the above players, I’d be sitting at 10-0 and with the exception of a few speed bumps ahead, seriously looking at going undefeated. Oh well.

I am still in first place with a comfortable cushion between myself and the second place teams. The best team I play from here on out is this week, and it happens to be against my buddy Craig. Oh yeah, the Patriots play Buffalo this week, so Tom Brady is probably gonna go off, considering Marshawn Lynch is out, their QBs suck, so they’re defense is probably going to be on the field a lot, thus being fatigued early and often. Let’s just say I’m not the least bit worried this week.

Here is my lineup for this Sunday, along with Craig’s. Let me know what you guys think:

Pacman’s Defense Team

QB: Tom Brady
WR: Wes Welker
WR: Terrell Owens
WR: Nate Washington
RB: Joseph Addai
RB: Jamal Lewis
TE: Jason Witten
K: Stephen Gostkowski
DEF: Indianapolis

Team Wookster

QB: Carson Palmer
WR: Braylon Edwards
WR: Torry Holt
WR: Stantonio Holmes
RB: Brandon Jacobs
RB: Frank Gore
TE: L.J. Smith
K: Josh Brown
DEF: Tennessee

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Lawrence said...

Looks like you have some Qdoba coming your way. Beat down! I don't even need to see an update.